Q5 Supplements for BJJ Practitioners: Launch Fuel Review

Every athlete and martial artist is always on the lookout for ways to take his/her game to the next level. And optimal nutrition is one of the ways that we can all make our bodies faster, stronger, more agile and able to go the distance. However, getting optimal nutrition from just the foods that we eat every day can be difficult. That’s why so many fighters and other athletes turn to the best sports supplements to get the nutrition that their bodies need.

The problem for BJJ practitioners has always been finding supplements that are aimed at combat sports athletes. The vast majority of supplements on the market today are aimed at bodybuilders and weight lifters. And while we can all admire a ripped physique or super-strength, those aren’t necessarily the end goals of what we train in BJJ (or even MMA) for every day.

Thankfully, there are some new supplements on the market that are designed specifically for the BJJ practitioner and MMA fighter. These supplements are made by a company called Q5 Combat. They offer a full line of supplements that are geared toward providing a wide array of fitness benefits. However, one of their products, Launch Fuel, really caught our attention.

You can find some product detail about Launch Fuel at the Q5 Combat official website by clicking here.

Q5 Supplements for BJJ Practitioners: Launch Fuel Review

Q5 Combat Launch Fuel Review

Q5 Combat Launch Fuel Review

But since we can leave no stone unturned in our quest to find the best sources of information and products for BJJ students, we decided to check out Q5 Launch Fuel for this in depth sports supplement review. If you’re looking for a burst of energy, long lasting strength on the mat, and increased flow during competitions, read on to find out if Q5 Launch Fuel is the supplement you need to get these types of benefits for yourself.

Ready for Something Completely Different?

Over the years, we’ve checked out just about every major sports and nutrition supplement to hit the market. While trying out some of these supplements over the years, we’ve come to expect a few key ingredients to show up in the supplements that are geared towards pre workout. Creatine and caffeine, in one form or another, seem to be the ingredients that show up most frequently for pre workout supplements. If you’re looking for a strength building or energy boosting supplement, you’d be hard pressed to find a popular one that doesn’t include one, or both, of these popular ingredients.

Imagine our surprise, then, when we found out that neither caffeine or Creatine would be making an appearance in Q5 Launch Fuel. To be honest with you, we were kind of happy to see a product that is using some new, cutting edge ingredients; instead of throwing the same old stuff into their product. And since Launch Fuel is clearly designed for combat athletes and other martial artists, it’s no wonder that it is a bit different than your every day, run-of-the-mill bodybuilding supplement.

All of that leads us to the high quality ingredients used in Q5 Launch Fuel. Just what is the formula used in this product?

Here’s a quick rundown of the ingredients gathered from the product specifications on the Q5 Combat Product Page:

  • 5000mg D-Ribose
  • 500mg Acetyl-l-Carnitine
  • 300mg Malic Acid
  • 100mg DMG HCL
  • 75mg Rhodiola Rosea Extract
  • 30mg Co Q10
  • 625 GDU Bromelain
  • 75000 HUT Protease
  • 45mg Stevia Leaf Extract.

All of these ingredients are included because they all offer unique, powerful benefits. Combined, the net effect of drinking a serving of Launch Fuel 1/2 hour before your workouts is that you will feel a burst of energy that doesn’t make you jittery. Plus, Launch Fuel helps with mental clarity, coordination and endurance. Some users have even mentioned feeling a bit stronger when using this supplement. However, that may be more of the other effects combining and making these folks feel more powerful; as there is no real muscle-building ingredients used in this supplement.

How to use Q5 Launch Fuel

This supplement is like other sports supplements that you take prior to working out or competing. You mix up a measured serving of the powder with a glass of cold water. The mixture, while tasting a bit chalky, has a pleasant enough orange taste that goes down easily. And unlike many other supplements, it seems to mix up well, without too many chunks in the final concoction.

You are supposed to drink this supplement about thirty minutes before you workout or compete. This allows your body time to absorb all of the ingredients and to get your engine revved up. If you carry around a water bottle, like most of us do, you should have no problem mixing up a quick serving of Launch Fuel and taking it prior to your training sessions.

Does it Work?

Compared to other energy-boosting supplements on the market today, we found that Launch Fuel provides a nice burst of energy, without any of the jittery feelings, or anxiety that you get from caffeine loaded supplements. Best of all, the energy provided seems to last for a lot longer than what you get from other supplements. Expect a couple of hours of extra energy, versus the 1/2 hour or so burst that you get from most over the counter energy drinks.

The only bad point that we can find about Launch Fuel is that you can build up a tolerance to it over time. If you were to use this supplement every day, you may find that you need to use more of it on a regular basis to get the burst of energy that this supplement is known for providing. And since it is a bit on the pricey side, using this energy supplement every day could prove to be quite expensive.

We recommend only using Launch Fuel on occasion. If you know you have a super tough training session or competition coming up, this may be the answer to your energy deficit. Just make sure that you don’t become dependent upon this supplement for your workout energy, as it simply costs too much and it’s not a wise idea to take too much of any one type of supplement.

For quick, long lasting energy without anxiety, jitters or insomnia, BJJ practitioners can feel secure in using Q5 Launch Fuel. Combined with a smart diet, other high quality supplements and a regular exercise regimen, this may be the best supplement available for BJJ practitioners, boxers, martial artists and MMA fighters.

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Launch Fuel - pre training supplement for fighters

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