Is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Good For Kids?

We’ve always believed that professional martial arts training, especially Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training, is a great cure to the bully epidemic that we’ve seen flaring up in recent years especially as it instills so much discipline and allows kids to relieve their aggressive tendencies and energy. And lots of parents are finally jumping on the bandwagon and enrolling their children in BJJ and other forms of MMA training.

However, we all know that parents are concerned about the effects of this training on their kids. Some parents are even worried that their kids might turn into full-blown bullies, once they have a bit of BJJ experience under their belts.

Along with our friends at this post answers the question “Is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Good For Kids?” and addresses some of the most common concerns that parents have when enrolling their children in BJJ training classes.

Is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Good For Kids?

Is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Good For Kids

Is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Good For Kids?

If you’re wondering if martial arts such as BJJ will make your child aggressive, the simple answer is no!

General Thoughts FirstWhen taking a moment to ponder the exciting world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), you may be thinking of kicking, punching, aggression, blood, broken bones, bullying, hurt or psychological damage.  None of these occur when a child is training in the wondrous world of BJJ. Here’s Why

Let’s take the concept behind Jiu Jitsu to start.  This is a form of martial arts training that is similar to wrestling in nature but much more detailed and focused on the positive.

When you think of wresting, you might thing WWF, but any good BJJ coach will be the first to tell you that’s not what they’re all about.  WWF is entertainment; it’s fabricated for show with very little skill involved.

With Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you are taught submissive moves or holds for protection.  The idea is to disable a person if need be to protect yourself.

Is my kid going to hurt someone in these classes?

Absolutely not because children are taught through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes that they are preparing themselves for defense, never offense. These classes are making sure you are prepared to get yourself out of danger if you are threatened and end up on the ground.  And statistically speaking, 95 percent of all physical confrontations end up on the ground, so knowing how to buy some time by putting on a disabling hold could save your life.

What happens if my child starts being offensive with his/her knowledge?

They won’t because that’s not what is taught in BJJ class with children.  If any child makes a move to knowingly put another in danger by offensively using their learned fighting skills, he or she will be asked to leave.

It’s not tolerated, encouraged or accepted and rightly so.  From the standpoint of kids and BJJ, it is all about knowledge, discipline, understanding the BJJ way of life and gaining positive confidence knowing you have the ability to defend yourself and loved ones.

What about all the stuff I see on television?

What about it?  Television is not real; it’s fabricated and sensationalised. You need to go an watch a BJJ comp for kids and see what really goes on. And mostly, the BJJ you see on TV is part of mixed martial arts fighting which is not really pure BJJ.

With any BJJ academy or club, your child will be taught about discipline, respect for others and bettering skills.  Children are taught to work hard in class to perfect technique and improve as a result. Patience, empathy, understanding, fairness, respect and control of power are all taught within the realm of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in general.

How does it help with bullying?

BJJ is amazing for bullying because it helps both the victim and the culprit.  The victim will can self-confidence in these classes, and this will help them to stand strong and overcome their fear of life in general.

The culprits will see that bullying is not a positive but rather a negative and will lose their temporary ‘want’ to play this role.  They will see it holds no power whatsoever.

Jiu Jitsu classes in general are fantastic for anybody at any age in life.  They will improve your self-confidence and give you the ability to defend yourself if the need arises.  Getting children involved in any branch of martial arts is all good!

It’s especially important for parents to remember that the MMA action that you see on TV versus what really goes on in a qualified, professional BJJ school. Yes, professional MMA is very “cool”, and many of us BJJ practitioners are big fans of the sport of MMA also. But what happens in the UFC is not what parents can expect to see their kids participating in when it comes to BJJ.

In fact, we’ve found quite the opposite to be true. So in answering “Is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Good For Kids” we would say that most kids who take up BJJ learn self respect, dignity and a way of dealing with the worst case bullying scenarios in the most effective ways possible.

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