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The kimono or gi is a vital tool for training in any true Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy. The essentials of a quality kimono continue to evolve not only in terms of durability and fit, but also as an expression of who you are as an individual.

Created to embody the spirit and beauty of effortless BJJ, FLOW Kimonos strive to create a high quality product at a reasonable price made of sustainable materials that fit well, wear well, and support the Jiu-Jitsu community.

Flow Kimono Pro Series Gi Review

Flow Kimonos Pro Series Gi Review

Flow Kimonos Pro Series Gi Review

The weigh in, what you get:

So now you know the guys and gals at FLOW love BJJ as much as you do. And they never once mentioned the poetry of pushing on someone’s forehead (talking to you, Schaub…) Now to business…

FLOW was kind enough to send down their new Pro Series 2.0 white A3 for us to evaluate since I am 6’ and 205 pounds. Right out of the bag, it looks pretty cool and I am super-stoked about taking it for a spin around the mats. But what it looks like in the bag doesn’t mean much. As my grandma likes to say: “You can’t taste a biscuit when it’s still in the oven.”

The first look and feel impressions:

Trying it on right out of the bag, it fits my shoulders and torso like a glove. It is comfortable, very light weight, but still appears just as durable as any high dollar kimono you might find.

The jacket sleeves have enough play in them for pulling off Ezekiel chokes without a hitch even though I prefer to have my sleeves stop right at the wrist (This was before I washed it, more on that later.) The design is very plain but the color scheme and placement of the patches look great. It has grey contrast stitching that compliments the white and yellow very well. This kimono really does mesh well with the ideas and principals of the company’s “flow” mentality.

The pants are lightweight and should help to keep you from overheating during a hard training session. FLOW definitely didn’t sacrifice comfort just to keep the weight down. The pants provide a double layer of material and reinforced stitching in the kneepad area to keep you from rubbing yourself raw while training. I have had very high dollar kimonos with subpar stitching on the pants. Just like your technique, it’s all in the details.

The first roll and workout impressions:

The one thing that really stands out to me about this gi is that it slides on the mat. Usually kimonos make me feel like a fly on fly paper, this one does not! I slid down the mats with ease, definitely easier than with most kimonos.

Flow Kimonos

Flow Kimonos Front

I also noticed that this kimono is very soft on the inside and easy on your skin. It won’t rub you raw while training. The outside is kind of rough (which can be fixed with fabric softener, use at your own risk) and that was confirmed by a few of my training partners’ faces. Soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, I think that is a good thing. I rolled for about 50 minutes non-stop at a high intensity and this gi held up with each move and choke I made. And don’t underestimate the value of having comfortable gi pants! I have twelve gis from a variety of brands and I must say that these are the most comfortable pants that I own. They are extremely light and loose in the thighs but fit like a glove right where they should, A+ so far.

The first wash and fit impressions:

I normally wash my gi in cold water and hang them to dry. But I wanted to try and snug it to a custom fit in warm water then dried at low heat. It now fits exactly how I like it. Just like Goldilocks, this gi is just right.

The Takedown: (the good)

  • Light weight kimono top and pant. Keeps you cool while rolling.
  • Great design and leaves plenty of space for academy patches and customization.
  • Lots of size options that shrink just enough to fit your body how you like.
  • Great cost for the quality of this kimono.
  • The company is from Boston! How cool is that? KneeBahs all around!!!

Behind On Points: (the bad)

  • If you are someone that wants a flashy gi, this is not it.
  • After the first wash there were some frays to the fabric. I just clipped them off. I have washed the gi since and it didn’t happen again.
  • Only available in black or white.
  • Availability may be limited to get the size/ color you want. (Meaning: Don’t wait to pick one up.)

The Winner’s Podium: (final verdict)

Flow Kimonos Pro Series Gi

Flow Kimonos Pro Series Gi

This one is a must buy. If you are in the market for a lightweight gi that fits very well, will hold up to all of your training needs, keeps you cool, and doesn’t hold you back on the mats this is definitely it! I am very happy with FLOW’s quality and what they stand for. I love that the company keeps true to what really matters in BJJ, just FLOW!

I will definately be purchasing my next kimono from these guys and would recommend FLOW to my students and friends.

And I would like to extend a special thank-you to the gang at FLOW for allowing us to review their exceptional gi.

To get yours, head over to Pro Series 2.0 white A3

Thanks for reading.

Review completed by Jeffrey Carter
Gracie Barra Black Belt
828 Combat Systems Hickory, NC

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