Dean Lister’s KATCH Leg Attack System

Dean Lister is one of the top names in BJJ and all of grappling world and for good reason. He has made a name for himself by competing and beating the elite in world-class competition including at the ADCC.

He is known as having some of the best and most devastating leg attacks in the game and isn’t lacking in any other area of his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game either. But when it comes to his submissions, you can’t go past his heel hooks, toe holds and foot locks.

In this post we takes you inside Dean’s new K.A.T.C.H. Leg Attack System including his thought process of attacking the legs then breaking it down so you can better understand. But if you’ve come to this page just to grab a copy of his DVD set, then go to Dean Lister’s K.A.T.C.H. DVD Set

Dean Lister’s KATCH Leg Attack System

teohold-fundamentals-img FBDean has always been one of my favorite grapplers and I have nothing but respect for “The Boogeyman.” If you have been living with your head in a hole and don’t know who Dean is, here is a list of his accomplishments.

Dean has been around the block more than a few times and has plenty of accolades worth noting.

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
  • Wrestling Champion
  • Sambo Champion
  • King of the Cage Middleweight Champion
  • ADCC World Submission Wrestling Championships
  • ADCC 2013 -99 kg: 2nd Place
  • ADCC 2011 -99 kg: 1st Place
  • ADCC 2005 Superfight championship: Defeated Jean Jacques Machado.
  • ADCC 2003 -98 kg: Quarter finals Openweight: 1st Place
  • ADCC 2002 North American Trials -99 kg: 1st Place

Furthermore Dean Lister has some of the sickest leg locks in the game rating him right up there with “Paul Harris.” Dean is also an accomplished Mixed Martial Artist with a 12-7 record with wins over some pretty big names like

  • Alessio Sakara
  • Jeremy Horn
  • And even submitted Nate Marquardt at ADCC

Dean has been blessed with the ability and a great attitude in sharing his vast knowledge in his DVD Series. So let’s look at what you get with this DVD series.

The Weigh In: What You Get

This DVD consists of 4 parts and they are all based around his leg attacks!

There are plenty of positions that he attacks the legs that any practitioner could benefit from.

Here are a few:

  • Top Half  Guard
  • Opponent’s De La Riva
  • Top Guard
  • 50/50

Some of the coolest content in the DVD comes in the form of Dean’s theories on leg locking. I don’t want to spoil the whole DVD for you but Dean Lister is one of the most humble top level grapplers when he talks about choosing smart training partners, catch and release style leg locks and just having fun training instead of worrying about injuries. Today there are so many people that will break your legs off just to get the win. Dean has a solution for this; don’t train with people with those characteristics.

Also I wanted to note my favorite submission on the series was a submission he calls the corkscrew lock. I watched it over and over, went to training that night and landed the effective lock five separate times. It will be a staple to my leg attacks! Thanks Dean. You do not want top miss out on his advice about attacking with toeholds and numerous other attacks. He shows you a couple locks that are a waste of time when applied certain ways as well and it was great instruction.

There is some extra content that Dean brought Keenan Cornelius in on and it is worth watching. Dean shows us a not so normal triangle defense that I drilled and worked at training the other night and surprisingly it worked rather well. The series is worth picking up because Dean explains the setups very clearly and that is hard to find today. He spends plenty of time breaking down each technique and doesn’t leave you asking a hundred questions about “what if.”

Anyway, here is a sample video from the DVD itself. Check it out:

Ahead on Points: The Good

  • Breaks down how to do each technique and explains each detail
  • Shows some not so common techniques that work great.
  • The Corkscrew alone is worth buying the whole series.
  • The boogeyman reveals how he himself does it! (Doesn’t mean you’re going to stop him.)
  • Improves your game INSTANTLY!

Behind on Points: The Bad

  • If you hate leg and ankle attacks this series isn’t for you!
  • If you like watching short clips and breaking down the details yourself this isn’t for you. (Dean breaks everything down.) Good thing in my opinion.
  • Series doesn’t contain a lot of locks but it is worth every penny in what he breaks down! (Will improve your game instantly, I can attest to that myself.)

The Winner’s Podium

I am very glad that watched Dean Lister’s K.A.T.C.H DVD series and I have already incorporated numerous tips and guidance that he provides on the discs. If I can learn as a black belt from watching some of the most simple but different ways than how we have been taught traditionally, it is time for you to do the same. Dean breaks everything down so everybody can understand what he is saying and doing, no matter how experienced a leg-locker you are. The DVDs would benefit any practitioner of any level to pick up this series and don’t ever put it down.

I watched the series one time and after that I landed many of the techniques I focused on while training later that evening. I used the corkscrew five times and after my partner knew it was coming I still was able to land it with the setup that Dean shows. I landed two straight ankle locks with the “hands to chest and elbows back” theory and before that my straight ankle locks were non-existent. The couple tweaks to the straight ankle lock I picked up had me sinking ankle locks from multiple positions. I even linked toe holds from knee bar attacks and once I started attacking the legs.

Dean Lister is the man to go to if you want to improve your leg lock game and now you can have him at your doorstep with this great instruction and tips to make you dangerous. If you are serious about improving your leg locks there is only one instructor that you need to learn from, and I believe that Dean is the one!

Check out this series as soon as possible! Dean said something in the series that really stuck out to me. He said “eventually you are going to lose to what you don’t practice, and if you don’t know how to do something, then you can’t even defend against it” That is very true and I would urge everyone to pick this series up because I guarantee your competition just did.

To get yours, go to Dean Lister’s K.A.T.C.H. DVD Set

Thanks for reading,

Jeffrey Snowflake Carter
Gracie Barra Black Belt
828 Combat Systems


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